Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Novel 2 states love story

Love Marriages around the world are simple 
Boy loves girl.
Girl loves boy.
They get married.

In India , there are a few more steps:-

Boy loves girl.
Girl loves boy.
Girl's family has to love boy.
Boy's family has to love girl.
Girl's family has to love boy's family.
Boy's family has to love girl's family.

Girl's and Boy still love each other.
They get married.Welcome to 2 states, a story about Girl and Boy ,they are from two different states of India,deeply in love and want to get married.Of course,their parent's don't agree.To convert their love story into a love marriage,the couple has a tough battle in front of them.For it is easy to fight and rebel,but it is much harder to convince.Will they make it?

This book from Chennai India
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p/s:dah baca memang awesome!!!


  1. macam dlm filem2 bollywood laa..sama ada hindi atau tamil....percintaan yg x dpt restu keluarga di india mmg boleh jadi permusuhan dari generasi ke generasi...dendam nya lama.

  2. yea..yea..betul...betul...tapi yg nie lain dari yang lain cikit...

    sebab kwn azie ader jatuh cinta dengan org sana , hahaha...

  3. kwn azie tu lelaki ke pompuan...?

    dia jatuh cinta yg mcm hindi ker atau yg mcm tamil?..haha3

  4. kwn azie perempuan lah...kan..kan

    ermm...x pasti pulak mereka jatuh cinta mcm mana...tapi dari negara yg berbeze, agama, bangsa dan mcm mana kan klu ati dah suka!!!

    tapi kwn azie x lah sampai nak lari ke sana, just jadi BFF kot...