Monday, November 14, 2011

I Just Wake Up

salam blogger,today Not really in the mood of how?
if I not manage to get the result I want I cannot go the place I dream of.
Well, being really restless today
Here some tips for everyone WHO is having exam now or want to release tension..don't be stress
It do really make my life better With all the books SURROUNDING me...
check it out!!!

1.Junk foods around YOU or CHOCOLATE...yummy!!!
is proven that is really delight one
(side effect) u are going to gain weight babe

2. Facebook/Blogging/Dota (lolzzz) which mean online
well I do believe that Online can relax your mind
(side effect) Time will flies

3. Watch some dramas or do some SPORTs
some It relax your mind and eyes (no longer reading the stupid text)
(side effect) u might be very tired and fall sleep later on because it always happen on me.


  1. no 1 is my long as i am mind won't mind reading...LOL

  2. hahaha..haruslah..confirm bersemangat abiskan chocolat tu kan...paham2...

  3. bila laa azie nak add facebook ayie ni? ermmm...hehehe :P

  4. opsss....ayie ader fbook ek...hahaha...confirm ader punyer lah...